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My Philosophy

Talk is cheap, only facts matter. Said that, if I have to define myself with sentences, these three are my mantras.

"There are few things I know, but fewer that I cannot learn"

Life is a continuous evolution, and learning is the key to evolve.
Body, mind and soul.

"If you want things you've never had, you've to do things you've never done"

It's difficult to move from your "confort-zone", but if you want real improvement in your life you have to go far far away from there.

"Do not focus on the problem, set your focus on solutions"

It's not only about being positive ... It's a matter of determination, the solution is always there.
It just needs to be found.

My Projects

Lot of ideas and few time to make them real.

With Every Tear A Dream

My Blog
Something has changed

The Fit Kam

Since a couple of years, my body and my mind are going through a slow evolution.
I want to find a way to tell this story

My Novels

Yes, I like to write novels.
And maybe one day I'll publish them, once finished of course ...

My Profession

What I do for living


IT Training

IT is like an ocean of knowledge, very easy to get lost.
Training is all about putting things in the right perspective , so that people can advance towards their goals


IT Consulting

As the years go by, the pile of projects I've been in is growing.
Good for my experience, bad for the my perception of my aging


Software Design

A product is being developed.
I'm still not ready to talk about it, but we hope it reaches the market in a not so distant future

About me

It's quite difficult to summarize a life in few shots. There are a lot of turning points in my life. As for any of us.

  • Somewhere in the late 70'


    I was born in Padua, and I lived the first part of my life in its pleasant countryside.
    As a young boy I've spent all my summers in Lido of Venice that still holds a big piece of my heart

  • Many many years later ...

    My Graduation

    After sailing many trouble waters in life, I finally ended up getting a degree in engineering.
    Not that this changed my life so much ... or maybe yes, depending from points of view.

  • Not so many years later

    I moved to Switzerland

    Quite an experience indeed ... Lights and shadows, but for sure a turning point in my life.
    Getting out of the so called confort-zone is painful and thrilling at the same time

  • Some months later

    Deutschland Deutschland

    The strongest experience so far ... Successes, hard moments and really unexpected ones.
    A slow raise still in progress. Everyday a little better.

  • Spring 2015

    Back to the roots

    Lot of changes in a very little time ... and suddenly back to the roots. Mixed emotions, joy and despair ... a new adventure is beginning

  • What will be
    my next big
    Change ?

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